marzo 14, 2018

“An Illustrated History of Slavic Misery”; by John Bills

“I am a reader. I confess that I read a lot, and when John Bills presented his book “An Illustrated History of Slavic Misery” at the House of the Father of Croatian Literature, Marko Marulić (or Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar), I knew it was going to be different. Maybe it was because I think that the writing and the writer should always be linked, even though that does not always happen, or maybe it was because I live in Split, Croatia, and thus have a keen interest in this part of the world. The truth is that this book is one of the most interesting, clever, and downright funny books that I have read in many years. Mr. Bills is an excellent writer, a fantastic comedian, and every word you read you will feel he is in front of you, smoking, drinking, and telling you a story that you cannot avoid, and that you will, for sure, enjoy”.

Split, Croatia

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