diciembre 13, 2013

Sip A Drink, Read A Book: First Bar/Library In Split

Split recently got its first bar-library, opened in the house believed to belong to the family of Marko Marulic, father of Croatian literature. The bar is completely dedicated to this great man, including its tongue-twisting name, Marcvs Marvlvs Spalatensis. It just couldn't have been different, this is the name Marulic used to sign all his works, to emphasize his origins in Split.

Right across Museum of City of Split, the bar was meant to be an oasis for literature lovers, as expected when its owner is a poet, Argentinian with Croatian origins Agustin Elias Jijena Sanchez, AKA Tin Bojanic. He already owns a few similar venues around the world, and has now arrived in Split.

Beside drinks and simple food like tapas, Tin will organize literature nights, the first one is on November 30, dedicated to Oscar Wilde. The library is pretty small, but tends to grow, especially with patrons' donations.

The bar is carefully decorated, with special concern for the historical importance of the building, under conservationists' supervision. A nice shelter in winter nights, and nice excuse if someone ask "where were you all night?". "In the library, dear".
Ivica Profaca

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