octubre 08, 2013

La Donna che Balla da Sola

An erotic horror movie about a girl, who after being seduced by a mute cabaret dancer, struggles to survive as she is being held against her will by the dancer and her midget brother who plan to turn her into a hideous mannequin.
“La Donna che balla da sola” takes place in the mid-'70s and tells the story of Susan, a young sexually frustrated girl who becomes romantically curious after a show by burlesque dancer Soledad, who, along with her tarantula spider, performs a striptease act amongst mutilated mannequins.

After a chance meeting, Susan is seduced by Soledad and decides to follow her home where they make love. With feelings of guilt and satisfaction, Susan leaves for home only to be accosted by a hideous dwarf character along the way.
From there begins a nightmare that Susan must endure.

Apart from this atrocious midget she must now contend with, Susan is oblivious that this encounter is all part of a greater devious plan by Soledad, who only seduced her in order to make another mannequin for the burlesque show.
“La Donna…” is strongly inspired by erotic horror films that predominated in Europe in the 60s and 70s like Vampyros Lesbos, Dressed to Kill, Night of Fear, Tourist Trap and The Beyond. “La Donna…” is a tribute in itself to great directors like Jesus Franco, Terry Bourke, Lucio Fulci, Jean Rollin, Brian De Palma, amongst others.
The idea is to recreate the spirit of 70s films in every aspect, both in content and aesthetics, taking the viewer to a terrifying place of fear. From camera movement, acting, editing and soundtrack the concept is to create a film whose style leaves its audience curious as to its date of origin.

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