septiembre 22, 2010

What did you want to say and where the coherence is?

I am reading the Buenos Aires Herald newspaper –like I usually do as I consider it one of the few remaining independent media in La Argentina- of September 21st. I found an article written by Carolina Barros with the title “Chávez, stronger by the minute”.

She give us this facts: “Back in 2005 (the year of the last parliamentary elections) Chávez enjoyed a popularity rating of 71 percent; last year it dipped to 57 percent and today it is down to 36 percent, as measured by the pollsters Consultores 21 and Keller y Asociados, which is a similar percentage to 2002 when he was briefly removed from power”.

There was a media coup d’état en 2002 and that was why he was removed from power, and was briefly because the people supported him immediately. Are you suggesting there is a new opportunity to try it again?

I continue reading the article: “Chávez has won each and every one of the 15 elections since he came to power in 1999”. If whoever reads this will understand that this President of Venezuela managed to stay in office facing more than one election per year. But then I found an analysis quoting that that is a “dictatorship”. Please, where the coherence is?
Gubbio, 2010
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